Motocross Install Guide

Installation tips: This is not a step by step guide, please read all tips carefully before beginning your installation.
Dry installation only, do not use any liquid.
Hair dryer on high heat or heat gun are required for complex curves.
(warning, too high of heat can damage matte finish.)
Remove decal from backing with clean hands.
Peel some of the backing and cut backing with scissors.
Fit the decals in place on the cleaned surface of the machine (use rubbing alcohol to clean surface)
Re-fit the decals until desired fitment is achieved (pressure activated ‘air release’ vinyl is used)
From the centers out, press decal with light pressure into its final fitment. Press air from center out.
Use heat when the decal is too difficult to conform.
With clean hands it is possible to peel up and re-stick the decal. Light heat can help removal if necessary. (Do not over heat)
When satisfied with fitment, heat the decals to relieve surface scratches (gloss finishes only)
heating will further adhere the graphics to the surface of your machine and is recommend for maximum longevity.
If needed, work bubbles out with your fingers.
Bubbles can be “poked” with a razor sharp tool and small bubbles will work their way out naturally.

If removal later is desired apply heat to the decal and peel genitally, applying more heat as needed.
These decals are designed to be aggressive and can leave glue residue.
Rubbing alcohol or a more aggressive glue remover will aid you if any glue residue is left over.
Aggressive glue remover can damage plastic.
New plastics are always recommended for graphics fitment.
Rough and damaged plastic will reduce the life of graphics.

Email with questions or problems