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Camp Originals = Art x Science + Dirt Bikes. Graphic design and print production experience for over 10 years.

“Camp Originals” Started from the name “Camp” short for Campbell, my last name. “Camp” was my wanna-be graffiti writer name and as an artist in collage I began to ‘tag’ every art piece I made with my “Camp” signature. “Originals” came to me when trying to sell my original clothing to get me through college, which I never actually finished. Being a part of motocross almost my entire life it was only a matter of time until I started designing bikes. I covered the art spectrum from pencil to paint. From chalk pastel to air brush and spray paint before I seriously got into designing bikes. My traditional art background was so great for me to learn how to explore my talent. Messy paints and bins of supplies my parents really helped me out giving me the space I needed to be creative and explore. Computers finally took over my art when I moved into my own small apartment. The space I loved and the messy supplies had to go. Thankfully computers could pack all my supplies into one place, and I found they could also connect me to the world. I always wanted a computer job that had more meaning than sitting at a desk. I am grateful Camp Originals could be that opportunity.


How do I place an order?

The quickest way, by far, to receive graphics is to place an online order. When you have found a design you would like to purchase provide your bike information, logos, colors, name and number to the best of your ability. Add the item to our cart. Once the order is recived, the information given will created into your new graphics! You can also place a phone order, please see below.

Can I place a phone order?

At Camp Originals we strive to bring the personal touch to graphics production. The fastest way to receive graphics is to place an order on camporiginals.comPhone orders can be places between 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday EST. Please see the contact page for more information.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No, you can check out as a guest. The account service is one we provide for a better end user experience. The benefits of creating an account are; faster check out, easier reprints if needed, you gain the ability to review products, and future account rewards. We are not interested in your personal data for any other use than delivering you a quality product. Data is stored on an encrypted server and only you have access to it if needed. To create an account click here.

Do you ship products internationally?

Yes, free world wide shipping on orders over $99! Click here to get started.

How long will it take to get my products?

Graphics products typically take 7-10 business days to ship from the date ordered. Turn around time can change depending on current work load and the complexity of the product. Plastic orders increase turn around time.

Apparel ships within 3 days of your order. Graphics and appeal orders will ship together with a longer turn around time for graphics production.

How do I track my order?

Tracking information will be sent to you via email when the order is shipped out.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Two proofs are included with graphics to ensure accuracy. If you need to change or cancel a graphics order before you receive a proof, we can do either free of charge. If you wish to make small changes to the graphics simply reply to the proof with your changes. All graphics sales are final after the design process has begun.

Returns Policy

All graphic products can not be returned or refunded once created, as it is custom work. If you encounter a defect with a graphics product before it is installed please email 

Apparel purchased can be returned or exchanged for up to 30 days after the product was purchased. The product must be in new condition as it was received. All sizes cannot be guaranteed in the case of a return, please email for return information.