Can you make it half way?

Author: Justin Campbell, read time 5 minutes

When any vehicle that sets off for a journey, the operator needs to be certain that the vehicle they are operating will make the entire journey. Examples like the Mayflower in the year 1620, or a Boeing 777 in 2020, prove that you can make your trip. How do you prepare? What hardships could you face on this journey? How will you deal with the unexpected? Are you willing to risk it?

If you are ready to set out on a journey in your life, my advice is to prepare as much as possible. Study, research, and learn. Load your ship, or your brain in this case, with all your supplies. Once enough is enough and the ship cannot hold anymore, it is time to go. The glory of leaving will inspire you! The confidence you feel waving goodbye to loved ones. Knowing you are going to come back so much better for both yourself, and for them will make you want to bang on the side of your ship and yell “look what I did!”. You did it, you started, you jumped, you risked it and you set sail! What happens next? A skilled sailor knows, now you are alone. Maybe you have a crew to help, or maybe you do not. You may be setting sail alone, or you could be casting off with other unskilled sailors hoping you can make it all the way. It is just you and what ever is on the boat.

Once you have jumped and are falling, waiting to fly, or on a boat alone in the middle of the ocean, with all your belongings, it is time to take it day by day. You can picture the other side, but the middle is still so unknown. How will you know when you have made if halfway? From my experience, just before halfway to your dream is your breaking point. I am writing this to you at almost halfway there. For Camp Originals I loaded up ship and set sale. I took all my knowledge, passion, and art supplies on a “boat” and left my old life. I can confidently tell you that the seas have not been smooth for me. Thankfully, I mapped my course, I see landmarks that mark halfway, and it is time to do it all again. Halfway means all the hard ship and emotion could happen again. If we are going to act like it is all rainbows from halfway it is the same as turning back. Why turn back? It is the same distance, same amount of effort, same crap you just went through. The only guarantee is it may not be worse. You know what to expect now, but you must face everyone as the same person when you come back. Just ask the Chiefs after that game last night if the second half can be worse than the first, it can be. The seas could be just as rough or even more so. The chances of finding help in an emergency are slim now. Passing halfway means going even further into the unknown. There was no going back before, but now its different. You did not come this far just to come this far.

The best thing to keep you going at halfway is support. When you set off you have no idea who you are going to encounter on the trip. I really had no idea whose path I would cross, and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. Every other ship I come across made the same risk to leave as me, whether it was for pleasure or to start a new life they are out there with me. Not stuck on the land waiting for, who knows what. Some just set off like me and some have made their trek a dozen times already. What has kept me going through the tough to navigate waters so far are all the boats I see behind me already. I have made myself known. They want to come with me where I am going and that is huge. Most of these ships are even bigger, faster, and far more impressive than mine. Some have even come so much further just to get to a similar place as me, and I try and remind myself of that every day.

There is power in numbers, so even if throughout your journey ships need to part ways or fall back, traveling in a fleet helps both you and them. Pooling resources together, even just a small amount of your resources, can help everyone involved. Maybe you are low on fuel, maybe they are out of food. Maybe I need to grow my audience, and maybe they need stickers! Keep going, someone somewhere has what you need. Map the course, make it halfway, then all the way! Prepare your ass off before you go, and do not change course once you have decided where you are going, even if other ships decide to turn away when it looks like nothing but dark clouds ahead.

Thanks for reading! – Camp –

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