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Motocross and other forms of racing are some of the most competitive sports in existence. In a race even your team, friends, or family can become your competition. This program is designed with your competitive nature in mind! Do you think you can get more attention than your friends at the track or on social media? Do you think you can sell graphics better than them or even me? This sponsorship program is designed to support your racing, designed to reward people who can spread the Camp OG love the best. When excepted into the program you will receive 20% off all motocross graphic purchases and will be given the chance to earn some seriously cool, free stuff! Race resume requested but not required. Full details are given via email after signing up.

Please send resumes to

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You do not need to race to apply, include some details of your riding below
Write a short paragraph about you and what makes you unique. Racing, hobbies, social media are a few ideas to get you started.

Why C.A.M.P.?

Camp Army Marketing Program is so much more than a sponsorship. It is a marketing program because you can market yourself just like I do!

When excepted you will have the change to earn free clothing, free graphics and free custom goodies!

No purchase necessary to sign up, terms apply.