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About Me

     Hi, I'm Camp! Short for Campbell, Justin Campbell (24). I enjoy art of all kinds: dirt bikes, cars, and above average cool stuff. I was five years old when I got my first dirt bike and at the age of six became a member of Pagoda Motorcycle Club. My first car was a manual 1990 Toyota Sr5 that I spray painted. I loved every mile driving to dirt bike tracks riding and racing.


     While spending my time investing my talents into graphic design, I've made many connections. I've been to a 3M vehicle wrap school in Kansas and worked at multiple major motocross races Including Buds Creek MD, Mini Olympics FL, and Freestone TX. My interest in graphic design started in high school and was amplified thanks to Mgx Unlimited in 2010. As an intern at Mgx, I would learn the inner workings of making motocross racing graphics and the practice of professional graphic design. Over the next few years work at Mgx became on and off work helping where I could with two different owners, who I am very grateful to have meet. While learning the trades of graphic design, digital printing, screen printing, and vehicle wraps I made Dean's list at Montgomery County Community College and met my loving girlfriend of two years working in the restaurant business in between jobs.


     My current focus is finding my way in the world. I work full time at Interstate Graphics in Colmar PA as a vehicle graphic and wrap installer. I also work as part time designer and make make motocross graphics on the side with Intertate's help. I spend most of my free time working on making immersive graphic design images for my instagram (@camporiginals), riding dirt bikes, and learning the workings of website and video content creating. Thank you for reading this about me contact! I will be working to improve this page and my content in the future.